Robert Englund Imagined Wes Craven As A Dark Genius Before Playing Freddy Krueger - Exclusive Interview

Most of the world knows and loves Robert Englund as the burnt-faced, blade-fingered Freddy Krueger in the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise. Did you know he once played Pinocchio in a child's stage production, or that he once starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger? These tidbits and more are featured in the new documentary "Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story."

Sebastian Maniscalco & Robert De Niro Talk New Family Comedy About My Father - Exclusive Interview

When it comes to his Italian (sorry, Sicilian) upbringing in Chicago, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is an open book. Over the past 10-plus years, he's regaled audiences with recollections of his childhood, from sharing a special Entenmann's treat when company came over to playing "Gagootz" at birthday parties. However, some of his best content involves his father, Salvo Maniscalco, a proud hairstylist from Sicily who has an affinity for paying with cash — even at Sears — and taking care of garden pests sans-Orkin. Now, Maniscalco is bringing those Salvo stories from the stage to the screen in the comedy "About My Father."

Kim Cattrall And Leslie Bibb Thrilled To Be Part Of Maniscalco/De Niro Comedy About My Father - Exclusive Interview

What happens when an old-school Italian dad meets his son's future wealthy, albeit quirky, in-laws? Pure chaos in the form of a butchered pet peacock, a haircut disaster, and accidental nudity. In the forthcoming film "About My Father," co-written by and starring comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, Leslie Bibb portrays Sebastian's fiancée, Ellie, with Kim Cattrall taking on the role of her politician mother, Tigger.

'LIVING WITH CHUCKY' Review and Interview With Creator Kyra Gardner

Most people wouldn’t put “heartfelt” and “Chucky” in the same sentence. After all, the red sneaker-clad doll is a brutal little guy who shows no mercy. However, with her new documentary Living with Chucky, which heads to Screambox and all major digital platforms on April 4, Kyra Gardner manages to showcase a side of the Child’s Play franchise that many fans might not be aware of — the strong sense of family among the cast and crew.

Young Royals' Malte Gårdinger Talks Drama, Deceit, And Romance In Season 2 - Exclusive Interview

Swedish actor Malte Gårdinger is no stranger to the screen. Over the past several years, the 22-year-old has appeared in the short film "#will," which earned him a best actor nomination at the Hamilton Film Festival, and a slew of other projects. But in 2021, Gårdinger's name became recognized on a larger scale thanks to his portrayal of August in the hit Netflix series "Young Royals."

Interview with 'SCHOOL OF ROCK' Star Brian Falduto On New Album 'Gay Country'

It’s been 20 years since Brian Falduto delivered one of the most iconic lines of the Jack Black-led School of Rock: “You’re tacky and I hate you.” At the time, due to his character Billy’s sass and affinity for fashion, the young actor was quickly labeled by the public as “the gay kid,” despite Falduto having yet to put a label on himself. It took some time, but two decades later, Falduto is embracing not only his queerness, but his lifelong passion for country music.

The Jacksons are bringing all the hits to Parx Casino

On Oct. 14, 1969, five boys in matching lime green and pink suits wowed the masses on The Hollywood Palace. It was the first national broadcast performance of The Jackson 5, who energetically sang their debut single “I Want You Back” — a hit that would soon skyrocket to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the 50-plus years since that iconic set, the brothers from Gary, Indiana enjoyed massive success in the industry, garnering spots on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fa
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