Young Royals' Malte Gårdinger Talks Drama, Deceit, And Romance In Season 2 - Exclusive Interview

Swedish actor Malte Gårdinger is no stranger to the screen. Over the past several years, the 22-year-old has appeared in the short film "#will," which earned him a best actor nomination at the Hamilton Film Festival, and a slew of other projects. But in 2021, Gårdinger's name became recognized on a larger scale thanks to his portrayal of August in the hit Netflix series "Young Royals."

The Jacksons are bringing all the hits to Parx Casino

On Oct. 14, 1969, five boys in matching lime green and pink suits wowed the masses on The Hollywood Palace. It was the first national broadcast performance of The Jackson 5, who energetically sang their debut single “I Want You Back” — a hit that would soon skyrocket to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the 50-plus years since that iconic set, the brothers from Gary, Indiana enjoyed massive success in the industry, garnering spots on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fa